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Effective 1 st February 2024

For general consultations, children under 16 years, adults over 70 years, patients with a Health Care Card, pension card, DVA Card holders and all people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will be bulk billed. Their will still be a gap for other services such as ECG, infusions, procedures, and mental

health care plans.

All fees are to paid in full on the day of consultation. We have a payment system that allows most Medicare rebates to be paid to you on the same day that you pay for your consultation. *

We accept Credit card, EFTPOS or cash. 

  • A $30 nonattendance fee will apply if you fail to attend your appointment, including cancelled within 2 hrs*
Consult TypeStandard FeeMedicare PayYou Pay
Consult (< 5 minutes)$50$18.95$31.05
Standard Consult (Enough for 1 problem)$85$41.40$43.60
Long Consult (Allows for 2-3 problems)$135$80.10$54.90
Consult (Complex problem, several problems)$175$118.00$57.00
Consult (Complex problem, several problems)$240$191.20$48.80
Telephone Consultations
< 6 minutes$50$18.95 $31.05
6 – 18 minutes$85$41.40$43.60
> 20 minutes$135$41.40 ($80.10 if registered with My Medicare)$54.90
Telehealth Consultations (Video)
< 6 minutes $50$18.95$31.05
6-18 minutes$85$41.40$43.60
> 20 minutes$135$41.40 ($80.10 if registered with medicare)$54.90
Other Consultations
Scripts (Private fee)$25
Iron Infusion$140$41.40$98.60
Iron Infusion (Concession)$100$41.40$58.60
Mental Health Care Plans Private$150$98.40$49.80
Consumables (Dressings, Sling etc)$10
ExcisionsExcisions will also attract a gap payment between
$40 and $60. These are not Bulk Billed.
Payment is due at your review appointment when
sutures are removed.

*Using Tyro, you must have your bank account registered with Medicare and pay by debit card/EFTPOS to receive rebate the same day.