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E Scripts

E Scripts are now available – you can read about them here.

Our fee structure means that you will claim all but $32 back from Medicare for consults.
In order to make our services accessible to everyone, the following arrangements apply:

  • Patients with a Health Care Card or pension card have a reduced gap of around $20.
  • Children under 16 years, adults over 70 years, all people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all DVA Card holders will be bulk billed.

Effective 1 st February 2023

All fees are to paid in full on the day of consultation. We have a payment system that allows most Medicare rebates to be paid to you on the same day that you pay for your consultation. *

We accept Credit card, EFTPOS or cash. 

Consult TypeStandard FeeMedicare PayYou Pay
Standard Consult 23 (Enough for 1 problem)$75$41.40$33.60
Standard Consult 23 (Concession)$61$41.40$19.60
Long Consult 36 (Allows for 2-3 problems, checkup, Women’s/Men’s health check)$120$80.10$39.90
Long Consult 36 (Concession)$99$80.10$18.90
Extended Consult 44 (Complex problem. several problems)$150$118.00$32.00
Extended Consult 44 (Concession)$138$118.00$20.00
Telehealth Standard Consult (Enough for 1 problem)$75$41.40 $33.60
Telehealth Consult (Concession)$61$41.40$19.60
Prescription, Referrals, Pathology$20$20

Please note the Dr may request a consultation for scripts/referrals

Cancellation fee may apply if you fail to attend your appointment or give less than 2 hours notice ($20)

*Using Tyro, you must have your bank account registered with Medicare and pay by debit card/EFTPOS to receive rebate the same day.